Ovde možeš naći primer testa iz engleskog sa prijemnog ispita iz 2019. godine, sa tačnim odgovorima na kraju.

Pre nego što pređemo na sam test bitno je da znaš šta možeš očekivati da će biti na testirano na samom ispitu. Tu postoji razlika da li konkurišeš da upišeš smer engleski jezik i književnost ili neki drugi smer, odnosno drugi jezik na Filološkom. Za one koji žele da upišu engleski, ispit je detaljniji i sastoji se iz više delova, a to ćemo uskoro objasniti.

U nastavku je primer prijemnog ispita za sve jezike osim engleskog. Razlika između prijemnog ispita za engleski jezik i književnost i ispita za ostale jezike je u tome što se pored ova dva vežbanja, gramatika i vokabular testira i čitanje i razumevanje pročitanog teksta, slušanje i razumevanje, i pisanje eseja.

Ovaj test treba da ti posluži za proveru tvog trenutnog znanja, probaj da ga uradiš sama/sam, a na kraju te čeka rešenje testa da možeš proveriti koliko si zaista spremna/an za ispit.

Inače, škola stranih jezika Barton organizuje pripreme za polaganje prijemnog ispita. Na pripremama ćeš steći sva potrebna znanja za uspeško polaganje i siguran upis na Filološki. Klikni OVDE za link na kurs.


Evo i testa:






I inherited my brother Greville’s life – his desk, his business, his horses, and his enemies, and it nearly (1) ________. I was 34 at the time, walking about on crutches due to an accident I’d had while riding a horse race at Cheltenham. (2) __________ the half-ton of horse that had stumbled over the fence after me, landing with its forefoot squarely on top of my boot, my career as a jockey (3) ___­­­­­_______ continued just fine. Now I was (4)_________ the fact that I was going to miss (5) ____________ weeks of the racing season and maybe the chance of becoming champion again. Friends encouraged me to think about the next season. (6) _________, the mid-thirties were the beginning of the end for jump jockeys and maybe my chance had gone.

1.      A) had got me killed

       B) got me killed

       C) had killed me

D) has killed me

2.      A) If it weren’t

       B) Unless

       C) Provided

D) But for

3.      A) will have been

       B) must have

       C) might have been

D) would have

4.      A) finally excepting

       B) reluctantly accepting

       C) ultimately expecting

D) hesitantly resigning

5.      A) at least a few

       B) at last few

       C) at least few

D) at last a few

6.      A) Consequently

       B) Therefore

       C) However

D) Hence

I was (7) ___________, when I picked up the phone and found it was not just another friend calling to say they were sorry. It was a hospital in Ipswich and a (8)___________ Greville had been involved in an accident, so I rushed there straight away. Alone in the room, on a high bed with wires and tubes all over the place and his head turned slightly, (9)____________ for visitors, my brother Greville was (10) ____________ whether that intelligent. Persistent, energetic man (11) ______________ he was dying.

7.  A) lying on the sofa, killing time

     B) laying on the sofa, missing time

     C) laying on the sofa, killing time

D) lying on the sofa, missing time

8.      A) women’s voice told me

       B) woman voice said

       C) female voice told

D) female voice said

9.      A) like he’s been waiting

       B) as if waiting

       C) as if waited

D) like waited


A) unconscientious, and I wondered

B) unconscious, and I wandered

C) unconscious, and I wondered

D) unconscientious, and I wandered

11.  A) does know

       B) knew

       C) knows

D) had been knowing

We (12) _____________ together in a family unit because by the time I was born he was away at university, building a life of his own. For years Greville was a semi-stranger (13) ______________ at family gatherings. After a long birthday-and-Christmas card politeness, it was and unexpected train ride at the age of 28 that (14) _______________ friends. I remember meeting him once after a particularly nasty fall in a race I had won. We had drunk champagne and laughed, and as a result he had bought his first horse. Greville absolutely refused (15) _______________ a steeplechase horse because he couldn’t stomach the idea I might ride it and fall to my death. I had hoped that he might realize that I could (16) _____________.

12.  A) have never lived

       B) had never lived

       C) would never have lived

D) must never have lived

13.  A) who I came across

       B) which I came about

       C) who I came about

D) which I came across

14.  A) has made us to become

       B) had made us to become

       C) has made us become

D) had made us become

15.  A) to owe

       B) owing

       C) to own

D) owning

16.  A) look after myself, in time

       B) care about myself, on time

       C) look after myself, on time

D) care about myself, in time

Now I wished we (17) _______________ more time together, but there wans’t (18) ___________ I could do. (19) ____________ that my problems were just beginning and that Greville hadn’t simply been (20) ___________ the wrong time.

17.  A) had spent

       B) would spend

       C) have spent

D) will spend

18.  A) something

       B) nothing

       C) everything

D) anything

19.  A) Little I knew

       B) A little did I know

       C) Little did I know

D) A little I knew

20.  A) on the wrong place at

       B) in the wrong place in

       C) on the wrong place in

D) in the wrong place at



1.      Every day I ________ the bus to school, but today I _______.

take/’m walking

am taking/walk

‘m taking/am walking

D take/walk

2.      I work _____ an engineer and my husband _______, too.

A  like/works

B  as/is


D as/does

3.      Let me give you _____ advice. If you’re travelling to _____ Philippines, don’t stay in a hostel.


B  an/the

C  some/the

D an/-

4.      The _____ at this restaurant is very good. He is publishing a _____ book next year.

A  chef/recipe

B  chief/receipt

C  chef/receipt

D chief/recipe

5.      Ben thought for hours, but try as he _____, he _______ find the solution.

would/was able to

B  might/couldn’t

C  would/couldn’t

D might/was able to

6.      Nicholas suggested _____ the next flight to Chicago, but I’m not ______ flying on my own.

A  me to take/use to

B  I take/used to

my taking/use to

D me to take/used to

7.      Rebecca asked me where _________. I told her I lived _______ the corner of Maple and Peach Street.

do I live/at

I lived/in

do I live/on

D I lived/on

8.      The deal, ________, has shocked everyone.

A  that came in the black

which came in the black

which came out of the blue

D that came out of the blue

9.      My flight was _________ and the food on my plane was _________.


B  tiring/disgusting

C  tired/disgusting

D tiring/disusted

10.  A strange man went ________ me. __________ I heard a gunshot.

past /Then


C past/Than

D passed/Than


Part one:


1a, 2d ,3d ,4b ,5a ,6c ,7a ,8d ,9b ,10c ,11b ,12b ,13a ,14d ,15c ,16a ,17a ,18d ,19c ,20d


Part two:



1a, 2d, 3c, 4a, 5b, 6b, 7d, 8c, 9b, 10a, 11c, 12a, 13b, 14d, 15b, 16c, 17d, 18d, 19d, 20c

Nadamo se da ti je ovaj test pomogao da bolje razumeš kako test izgleda, šta se od tebe očekuje, i gde si trenutno sa znanjem.

Inače, škola stranih jezika Barton organizuje pripreme za polaganje prijemnog ispita. Na pripremama ćeš steći sva potrebna znanja za uspeško polaganje i siguran upis na Filološki. Klikni OVDE za link na kurs.